!ND!V!DUALS Collective presents our newest installation, Isle de Monstruos. This summer we have taken over Georges Island, one of Bostons harbor islands to create a full on monster treasure hunt... its on a god damn island! Pick up one of our secret treasure maps in Faneuil Hall or on the island itself and get out there.

Heres the story we made up:

In 1947, Fort Warren on Georges Island was decommissioned. History, and the internet tell us that the island sat "abandoned" in the harbor for 11 years until it was purchased by the state for historic preservation and recreation in 1958. Nobody fully knows why the military evacuated the island in 1947 or why it lay dormant for over a decade... until now with Isles De Monstruos by !ND!V!DUALS COLLECTIVE.

We have obtained secret documents that state wild beasts washed ashore during the winter of '47 and decided to claim the island as their own. According to various accounts there were chameleon-like creatures that could hide by changing color to perfectly blend into the fort walls. One man claimed to see beasts as tall as a tree and as small as a shrub. After months of failed attempts to trap the creatures, the island and fort were abandoned. For 11 years many people feared the island and vowed never to return. Now almost 70 years later tourists happily visit and tour the island never knowing what really took place back in 1947. Many believe the creatures ran out of food and possibly died off. We believe there might still be a few lurking in the shadows.

We need your help! We have purchased a lovely island off the coast of Mexico where these wild creatures can live in peace. Help us find the monsters still hiding around Fort Warren so we can get them to their new home. Grab a map and start exploring!